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Choosing a domain name can often be a daunting task and finding one at an affordable price can be tricky. Generally speaking the shorter the site domain name, the pricier this is going to be, however there are some exceptions to this rule. Indeed you can choose two-letter domain names with .uk or .co.uk extensions for a fraction of the price of .com alternatives and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by website owners who have been realising the importance of attaching a short URL to their site.



The market for two-letter domain names is huge and prices are increasing, thus attracting many investors. As such, it is vital that you get in on the act as soon as possible and we at Andy Media have a wide range of two-letter domain names available for immediate purchase. The advantages of owning a two-letter domain name are clear to see. Aside from the fact that your domain name can only increase in value as demand intensifies, the short URL makes it easier for visitors to enter your website name into search engines and it is also far easier to remember.

All two-letter .com domains sell for many thousands of pounds and this has forced many site owners to search for suitable and less costly alternatives. As such the prices attached to two-letter .uk and .co.uk domains are increasing week-on-week, therefore time is of the essence if you want to snap up the last few remaining bargains. Our range of two-letter domains is comprehensive and affordable and we can arrange to have your chosen name transferred immediately to your website.

Indeed we can take all of the hassle out of your hands and we will oversee transfer of ownership all the way through. If you cannot find what you require from our list, please do not hesitate to get in touch as the likelihood is that we can find something suitable for your site elsewhere.