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Andy Media acquire BLACKPOOL.COM



Andy Media Ltd have succeeded in acquiring Blackpool.com, a prestige domain name for one of the most popular seaside destinations on the planet. Blackpool is visited by millions of holidaymakers each year and our intention is to develop Blackpool.com into the number one website for the popular Lancashire town, however we are open to serious offers for this domain name. In the event that we don’t receive any serious offers, we will develop this website ourselves and concentrate on developing a partnership with the UK’s Number One seaside destination.

You can make an offer for Blackpool.com by getting in touch using our Contact Page

More and more UK-based holidaymakers are taking their vacations in this country and as such, Blackpool has seen a massive boost in the number of visitors over the past twelve months. Indeed this has been reflected in a huge increase in the number of internet users searching for holidays in the UK and one of the most searched-for destinations has been Blackpool. On this basis, our ultimate aim is to fully develop Blackpool.com and utilise it fully in order to develop partnerships with Blackpool-based organisations for mutual benefit. This seaside resort is very much on the up with huge investment aimed at improving infrastructure and attracting new business in recent years. The town itself has clearly benefited from this investment and many UK-based and overseas companies are increasingly seeing Blackpool as an ideal base for their activities as well as an attractive alternative to the likes of Manchester or Liverpool.

With Blackpool.com, we aim to become fully involved with the regeneration of this popular destination and assist in promoting the seaside town worldwide. Blackpool has much to offer and the regeneration of the town has increased its profile across the UK and further afield. We aim to further boost this profile by developing this website and linking with the various organisations based in the town and surrounding areas.