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Betting.online sells for record $400,000

The same business which purchased Casino.online for $200,000 in 2017 has now splashed out $400,000 on Betting.online.


New record price

A new record price for generic top-level domain transactions has now been realised with the confirmation by domain registry operator Radix that domain name ‘Betting.online’ has sold for $400,000. This is the fifth-highest sale of a top-level domain since the start of 2023 and it is a clear reflection of the continued interest and demand for ‘betting’ domain names. Indeed, Casino.online was sold to the same buyer for £200,000 in 2017 while in November 2018, we sold Bettingonline.co.uk for £130,000, a then-record for a UK betting domain

bettingonline.com is owned by ourselves and is available for purchase.

Clear benefits

Online betting businesses are increasingly recognising the clear benefits of possessing a premium domain name on a new extension and the fact that they amplify significantly SEO (search engine optimisation), attract a larger amount of online visitors and enhance the credibility of the brand.

New and previously unobtainable domains available

Within the betting industry, category-related domain names are now realising figures which were in the realms of fantasy only a decade ago and new extensions have made many new and previously unobtainable domains now available. New extensions such as .Website, .Space, .Site, .Tech, .Online and .Press enable online businesses to find memorable, descriptive, short, keyword-rich and relevant domain names for their website or email address and these are being snapped-up in ever-increasing numbers.

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.bet domains

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