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Scores.co.uk Domain/Website For Sale

Online football scores are very big business with millions checking the latest results online every weekend and website Scores.co.uk has experienced huge growth in traffic over the past few years, this site offering the very latest football results and fixtures from around the world. Many top scores websites have been experiencing similarly huge growth in recent years and foremost amongst these is Livescore.com which has now become one of the most heavily visited websites in the world with over 100 million visitors each month.

Football scores websites can earn a massive amount through advertising betting sites and this has resulted in scores domain names becoming highly desirable. Indeed scores.com sold for a record $1,180,000 in May 2007 and the demand for these domains has grown hugely over the past decade, something which shows absolutely no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Scores.co.uk already has a domain authority of 32 which is a great starting point and was first registered in 2003 and has been live for over 10 years.

The website currently had 75400 backlinks and there are 2590 referring domains including links from the BBC and Wikipedia.

UK domain Scores.co.uk is now up for sale. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a premium UK scores domain name and a return on this investment would be easily achievable through advertising. All websites offering football scores also provide advertising for bookmakers and this provides site owners with an excellent source of income, therefore maximising a return on this relatively modest investment is easily achievable.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get hold of one of the best ‘scores’ domain names currently on the market.

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